Why Advanced Finishing USA?

Powder coating, Dye Sublimation coatings, and wet painting are the preferred choices for quality-driven companies.
The finishing experts at Advanced Finishing USA make it easy and affordable!


Walter J. Yahn founded Advanced Finishing U.S.A. in 1970. A Penn State Industrial Engineer by profession, Walt was a visionary. He foresaw the growth of the powder coatings industry and its potential contribution to manufacturing in the region. This propelled him to establish Advanced Finishing U.S.A. and to develop a full array of powder coating technologies and capabilities.

Walt slowly built his company into a leading powder coating specialty business, creating a reputation for quick response, customer focus, and uncompromised attention to quality.

Our work can be found in products produced by global corporate giants such as General Electric, Alstom, Bombardier, Komatsu, Westinghouse, Disney, Mitsubishi and Kawasaki to one-person “garage shop” operations and individual consumers. Advanced Finishing U.S.A. has the flexibility to finish virtually any size product as well as the capacity to efficiently manage production runs ranging from single items to millions of parts per year.


Our commitment to quality goes back to our roots in 1970. Founder Walter Yahn was an early student of Deming and the other pioneers of the Total Quality Management movement. He understood immediately the importance of customer focus, quality, and service to a small business. His vision remains the foundation of our company. Today, Advanced Finishing adheres to such stringent quality standards as ISO 9001 compliance. The company uses CARC, FDA & DOT approved coatings and can meet most AAMA, Military, and automotive specifications.

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Large Volume Capability

Whether your order involves a small batch or thousands of individual parts Advanced Finishing USA production facility is designed to match our customer’s needs. Few powder coat finishing companies offer the product volume capability Advanced Finishing provides. Our multi-metal line can powder coat up to 8,000 square feet of material per hour. And our Architectural aluminum line can powder coat 3,000 square feet an hour.

Large Size Capacity

The ability to accommodate large products is what separates Advanced Finishing USA from competitors. Our multi-metal, Architectural Aluminum, Batch, and Corrosion Facilities are all able to accommodate products up to 9,000 lbs. and over 40 ft. long. Our Architectural Aluminum line specializes in coating extrusions up to 25’ long in single, or multi-color finishes or designer patterned finishes such as wood grain or striped.

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Strategically located along the I-90 corridor, at the intersection of PA Route 98 in close proximity to I-79, Advanced Finishing is at the hub of such major commerce centers such as Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Toronto, Toledo, Columbus, and Detroit. Advanced Finishing is no more than 4-hours drive from these major industrial centers.

Cost Competitive

A commitment to best practices and ever-improving processes and leading-edge coatings has enabled Advanced Finishing to make powder coating an affordable option today and over the effective life of the product. In addition, our value-added services such as Labeling, Stenciling, Sub-Assembly, Packaging and Drop Shipping provide opportunities for our customers to reduce their overall costs and increase margin. We continually work with our customers to drive down costs.