Additional Services

We have structured our services to provide customers with a superior finished product but also opportunities to reduce costs and improve margin.

Wet Painting

Our business is to put the finishing touch on your product. In addition to our powder coating services, Advanced Finishing USA provides wet painting services for corrosion, weather, and UV protection and aesthetic purposes. For products that require masking, we design creative masking techniques using plugs, tape, and/or magnets to prevent coating where it is not wanted to the most stringent standards. We meet CARC/Military Specification for Tan, Black, and Green. We also meet specifications for GE Alkyd Primer. Both batch and continuous conveyor line capabilities are available for wet paint.


Our sub-assembly services help to reduce the total cost by reducing duplicative steps in handling, packaging, shipping, and minimizing the cost of damaged goods. Advanced Finishing USA is an experienced sub-assembler and can handle all but the most complex projects. We also assemble kits, load Kan-Bans, stencil, label, and provide final documentation if required.

Watch our video on Assembly.

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Process Consulting

We pride ourselves on finding coating solutions for our customers where other powder-coaters have failed. We can advise you on the correct pre-treatment, coating resin, and application process to meet your most challenging specification. Our solutions include creative masking techniques to keep coatings off unwanted areas and innovative fixture designs to ensure complete coverage. Our consulting services will also work with you to develop specification papers to meet the product coating or finishing requirements your customer has defined.

Throughout all phases of the coating process, our experts are ready to work with you and your engineering/design teams to meet your exact requirements from cleaning, pre-treating, coating and curing, to final assembly and just-in-time delivery. . . If no one else can do it, we’ll find a way!”