The Foreman of the conveyor lines is one of the most important positions in the entire company.  The lines (red, blue and green) produce by far the majority of our sales.  The person managing the lines must have the skills to make decisions, manage the people and equipment, and oversee the quality and efficiency of the product for our customers.  Our customers do not care what issues we have, they simply want their product finished correctly and delivered on time.  It is the line leaders’ job to manage the process to meet the needs of both sales and production.

In this position you must :

  • Be able to learn the entire coating process in short term (4-6 months)
  • Understand processes, testing procedures, wash bath titrations, QC log book entries etc.
  • Manage two conveyor lines with 4-6 employees on each
  • Oversee all operations, scheduling, shuttling work to and from the production area, drive lift trucks, band and wrap product
  • Communicate with customers from time to time.

This position has potential for advancement to company management.

To apply, CONTACT US or call 814.474.5200 Ext. 111

A-Tex Operators

In this position you must:

  • Learn and understand the dye sub process and how each step affects color and quality
  • recognize how materials sublimate and react to certain temperatures while transferring
  • pay close attention to details on every project
  • be self-motivated, a fast learner, and show initiative to seek out customer and corporate needs
  • plan, prioritize, coordinate, and manage your own work
  • have the ability to work independently, make decisions and solve moderate level problems independently, effectively and creatively
  • complete projects accurately within deadlines, while meeting company quality standards
  • apply effective time management and self-management skills

To apply, CONTACT US or call 814.474.5200 Ext. 111

General Laborer

This is a perfect position for an entry-level employee. We are seeking quality, dependable people who can learn the basic skills of hanging, taking down, packing, etc. Onsite job training is given and opportunities to move up are available for those who excel in this position.

In this position you will:

  • Works as a team to ensure all coating materials meet customer specifications with regard to quality.
  • Loads and unloads parts on the line, selecting and using proper hooks and hangers, per PDS.
  • Maintains workspace cleanliness to ensure a quality product.
  • Positions completed product on skids and/or in containers per customer specifications.
  • Approaches others in a tactful manner; treats others with respect and consideration; accepts responsibility for own actions.
  • Monitors own work to ensure quality; meets productivity standards; completes work in a timely manner; strives to increase productivity.
  • Observes safety and security procedures; reports potentially unsafe conditions; uses equipment and materials properly.
  • Is consistently at work and on time!!!

To apply, CONTACT US or call 814.474.5200 Ext. 111