Aesthetic Powder Coating

Aesthetic powder coating make products stand out and demand attention. Advanced Finishing USA is one of a select few licensees for Decoral Systems, in the USA. The system provides high-quality dye-sublimation for simulated wood-grain, stone, marble, and granite; so realistic it is difficult to tell the difference. Custom designs are also available.

Your Application

Advanced Finishing USA offers both standard aesthetic powder coating and Decoral patented dye-sublimation technology that is proven successful for both indoors and outdoor applications.

Interior Applications: Decoral Dye Sublimation is a very durable coating that can be used anywhere, even in high traffic areas. Handrails, elevator interiors, ceiling tiles, molding, doors, window frames, columns, display cases and wall partitions can all be made to look like wood, marble or granite. We have delivered miles of wood-grain railing extrusions for architectural applications such as hotels where fire codes prohibit the use of wood. We have also produced thousands of fixtures such as door handles and window cranks.

Exterior Applications: Our work also includes a unique capability for producing exterior wall murals found on high profile buildings across the United States. The Decoral system can also be used to decorate flat sheet and panel products as well as 3D products such as wheels, door handles, plates and hardware. This finishing has withstood many hours of accelerated environmental testing and outdoor testing and has gained AAMA certifications 2603 and 2604. With the proper pre-treatment, nearly all of the wood grain products can be used in outdoor applications.

Your Coating Options

Traditional aesthetic powder coating is provided in a wide spectrum of colors and powder compound.

There are over 300 combinations of Decoral Dye-Sublimation designs currently in use, though all are not readily available. Advanced Finishing USA has several wood grains in stock that can be applied to a light or dark base coat and a white marble. That means there is an in-stock selection of smooth or textured finish designs. A number of marble and abstract finishes available and custom designs can be accommodated. Dye Sublimation can be done with one or two coats.

Most sublimation is done with the single base coat. A clear coat can be added to give a lacquer finish and improved performance. Clear coat is required for marble/granite, abstract patterns and most custom images.

Meeting Your Specifications

Our high volume and large unit capacities make virtually any application possible. The Decoral system provides all of the benefits of powder coating with the flexibility to decorate pipe, bar, angle and extrusions up to 24′ in length and 8″ in diameter. The large size of our ovens makes Advanced Finishing one of the highest capacity Decoral job shops in the USA for Dye Sublimation services. Decoral Coatings have passed AAMA 2603 and 2604.


The dye sublimation process begins with our high quality pre-treatment. Prepared parts are them powder coated with specially formulated polyurethane powder to provide protection from wear, abrasion, impact and corrosion, and act as the relief base color for the final decoration.

Once the part has been powder coated, it is wrapped with a sheet of non-porous material that has the desired decoration pattern printed on it using special high temperature inks. The specialized Decoral system is used to transfer the pattern from the paper to the base coat permeating the entire thickness of the coating. Since the design becomes a part of the powder coat, the decoration cannot be removed by normal wear, rubbing or scratching.


Unlike decorative films or wraps, Decoral Dye-Sublimation becomes part of the powder-coated surface. It will be as durable as the quality of the adhesion achieved with the powder-coated surface.


Standard patterns will add approximately 3X the cost of traditional powder coating. Custom patterns are quoted separately based on the complexity of the design.