About Us

Since 1970, Advanced Finishing U.S.A. has been a family-owned, full-service custom powder coating and finishing company. We coordinate all aspects of production from cleaning, pre-treating, and finishing to assembly, packaging, and drop shipping. Our purpose-designed 80,000 sq. ft. plant is equipped to efficiently handle applications of almost any weight, size, configuration, or quantity.


Advanced Finishing U.S.A. specializes in applying strong, durable powder coatings to industrial equipment, fabrications, castings, stampings, and extrusions. Founded by visionary Walter J. Yahn in 1970. A Penn State Industrial Engineer by profession, Walt foresaw the growth of the powder coatings industry and its potential contribution to manufacturing in the region. This propelled him to establish Advanced Finishing U.S.A. and to develop a full array of powder coating technologies and capabilities.

Walt was an early student of Deming and the other pioneers of the Total Quality Management movement. He understood immediately the importance of customer focus, quality, and service.

With these principles firmly rooted, Walt built his company into a leading powder coating specialty business, creating a reputation for quick response, customer focus, and uncompromised attention to quality. Today, our family-owned 80,000 square foot facility serves customers such as General Electric, Altom, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, Westinghouse, Kawasaki, Disney, and Bombardier, to one-person “garage shop” operations and individual consumers.

Mission & Values

We will continue the uncompromised dedication to ingenuity, quality, and  complete customer

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satisfaction, which has been the foundation of our family business since its inception.

“Best quality, on-time every time, using the QMS for continuous improvement.”


  • EMPLOYEES: Our employees are part of our family, and will be treated as such. Working together as a family benefits everyone. Without our employees, there is no business.
  • CUSTOMERS: Our customers give us a reason to work, and expect us to do their work properly and timely. We must keep them satisfied. Without customers, there is no business.
  • SUPPLIERS: Our suppliers give us the means to provide our service to our customers. We depend on them, and they must be treated fairly. Without suppliers, there is no business.
  • COMMUNITY: Our community provides for our employees, customers, and suppliers. We all must be a part of our community. Without the community, there would be no business.
  • SHAREHOLDERS: Our shareholders have a stake in all we do. If we take care of our employees, customers, suppliers, and community our business will be strong and our shareholders satisfied.

Advanced Finishing USA’s location and proximity to major interstate highways is a distinct advantage for our customers. This allows us to finish, assemble, package, and ship product en-route to final customers as the last link in the supply chain.

Conveniently located near the junctions of I-79, I-80, and I-90, Advanced Finishing U.S.A. is on major supply routes from coast to coast, and from Canada to Mexico. Interstates 90 and 80 East and West connect the coasts. Interstates 79 and 77 North and South connect Canada and Mexico. We access Canada through Buffalo or Detroit. We are 100 miles from Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.


Advanced Finishing USA now provides architectural powder coating and dye sublimation services.

Architectural Finishing (A-Tex), which is now merged with Advanced Finishing USA, was one of the first licensees for Decoral dye-sublimation systems in the US. Developed in Italy by Decoral System, the dye-sublimation process allows the transfer of high-resolution computer-generated images, printed on plastic film with UV stable inks, to be transferred into durable, weather-resistant powder coatings. Combined, we are currently one of the highest capacity licensees in the country. With over seven years of learning and experience, combined with the 45 years of powder coating experience, AFUSA is now your best source for quality powder coating, dye-sublimation, and general finishing needs.